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Image of Moon This is the website of the would-be author John Nimerc.

I have recently finished my third story, "The Mists of BS3" and have published it on Blurb. The whole story can now be found on this site. My second short science fiction story "2_Kontrol" is also to be found her and on Blurb.

Back in December 2008, I published my first short science fiction story, "The Space Station" and I am now slowly putting pages from this story on this site.

I am now slowly writing another story, the Hospital Ship, and publishing drafts on this site from time-to-time.

To the left are links to other pages describing my books and to a blog and I will try to update these pages as developments occur. There is also a very short bio and a links page.

John M Nimerc

3rd October 2009