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Chapter 1 - The Battle - Page_11

Barring a few senior officers, on the Bridge everyone sat concentrating upon their screens and the information and instructions projected there upon. But every now and then, Functionary could spy someone look-up and turn their head towards the main viewing screen at the front of the room. Looking forward, Functionary directed his attention upon the main viewing screen which now gave an image of the area of space into which the ship immediately travelled. In the very top-right corner of the screen was to small image of a vessel which Functionary knew was, in actual fact, a large Voracious warship. In only a moment, however, the image of the vessel had grown larger and it was noticeably moving towards the centre of the viewing screen as though swooping aggressively towards its pray, The Protector. Now discernible were two small dots which were evidently following the Voracious ship. Functionary new these ships to be Service warships pursuing the Voracious vessel. Functionary hope these ships would destroy the Voracious warship and be the salvation of The Protector as he doubted the ability of The Protector to defend itself successfully against such a formidable aggressor.

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