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Chapter 1 - The Battle - Page_12

Either the Bridge was now very quite as everyone concentrated upon their immediate peril, or else Functionary, himself, was so engrossed in the developments upon the screen that his mental processes excluded all other stimuli. Certainly, Functionary now devoted all his interest on the screen and nothing else mattered. The Voracious ship had now grown massively in its relative size upon the screen and had nearly  completed its manoeuvre bringing it into a headlong position facing The Protector. Suddenly, the Voracious warship spat out two globs of purple torpedo fire which burst upon  the screen as two massive areas of irresolvable brightness obliterating any detail. A moment latter, as the torpedos become two purple lines heading towards The Protector, the  image of the Voracious warship jumped, violently upwards as the Protector had, itself, taken evasive action either on the orders of the Captain or because the command system had itself determined that such action was immediately necessary.

Then, Functionary noted that the pursuing Service Vessels had grown in size and centrality upon the viewing screen. Suddenly, they fired their forward weaponry at the Voracious ship. Several bursts of orange line shot passed the vessels as the Voracious sought to defend themselves, but then to the relief and animal pleasure of Functionary, several of the bursts of fire from the Service ships hit their target. Functionary observed joyously as several explosions erupted from the Voracious vessel with material being pushed forcefully off into space. His attention was now dragged to a closer proximity.  A round of riotous cheering momentarily punctuated the usually rigid discipline of the Bridge. But then Functionary became very aware of the propulsion system of The Protector struggling hard to reverse itself away from the exploding Voracious ship.

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