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Chapter 1 - The Battle - Page_13

But, it was to late. The hit upon the Voracious ship was catastrophic. There were several massive explosions of increasing size finished by one huge explosion which sent pieces of what remained of the vessel in all directions. A particularly large chunk of the vessel collided with The Protector sending it spinning uncontrollably in space with neither the Captain nor the control system able to determine its path. Within seconds, The Protector smashed into  one of the Service Ships which had been in pursuit of the Voracious. The Protector shuddered, but for a moment, the was no explosion and Functionary dared to hope that the  damaged  would not be fatal for the ship and its inhabitants. Each Service vessel would hopefully be able to limp to dry dock with a minimal loss of life. But then the structure of the Protector shook violently and Functionary watched as the screen showed the other vessel explode into a fire ball of debris shooting off into space at the speed of light. Then the main screen displayed only digital noise of randomised white and black. The lights on the bridge extinguished and in the darkness, a visceral feeling of fear overtook the entire body and mind of Functionary. A dim emergency lighting flickered on, giving hope some leverage, and providing Functionary a brief moment of mental equilibrium. Looking around he noticed that others where trying to control themselves and concentrate upon their screens. But almost instantly, the screens extinguished and its was evident that the ship was floating helpless and without its control systems. Functionary stood rooted, looking across the Bridge. He watched the Captain establishing a manual system of command, sending people with messages to other parts of the ship.

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