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Chapter 1 - The Battle - Page_14

But no sooner had people left the Bridge than The Protector was shaken was another violent explosion which, this time clearly came from within the heart of the ship. Functionary fell to the floor on his hands and knees. An instance latter the deafening noise of the explosion was conducted through the metallic structure of The Protector. From that moment on the fearfulness of the situation was enhanced by the loss of hearing. The ship shook again. Suddenly, in the dimness, Functionary noticed as if in slow motion, a part of the other side of the bridge wall disappear off into space. The bridge had become open to the vacuum of outer space. Immediately he saw people flying towards and through this void. His attention centred on the fear and terror drawn upon faces of the individuals as they shot towards their doom. Suddenly, it crossed the mind of Functionary that he must grab hold of something and also reach for any air mask. But at the same moment, Functionary appreciated that it was too late for him to save himself and that he was one of those heading toward the abyss. As the ship lost gravity Functionary flailed around desperately trying to cling on to something, but it was futile.

Functionary found himself suddenly up-ended and flying towards the gaping hole in the ship bulkhead. Breathing out, he sought to take a large gulp of precious air but immediately appreciated that the air was already thinning dramatically. Rapidly taking another breath, he appreciated that most of the air had already escaped the confines of the bridge. His consciousness was diminishing and while he still felt strongly a wide range of physical discomforts and powerful emotions, his thinking was increasing becoming jumbled and incapable of motivating effective action. He was aware that his bodily motion towards the rent in the ships hull had been halted and that he had been brought-up against some piece of immovable equipment furnishing the bridge, but beyond that he knew not where he was in terms of the geography of the room. He felt utter panic. He knew he should find an emergency breathing mask and attach it to his head. But, he could do no more than flail around ineptly.

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