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Chapter 1 - The Battle - Page_16

Functionary was coarse fishing. It was a fine day. It was the first time he had gone fishing with his uncle. He was enjoying himself, the weather was warm and there was pleasant breeze rustling the leaves in trees around. The sun flickered through the branches above. The balmy air gently buffeted against his skin. He sat behind a rod pointing out into the river. He decided that he liked fishing very much. Then his uncle had hooked a large fish and, after and war between man and fish, his uncle carefully hoisted the struggling fish upon dry land, cautiously away from the water. Functionary, stared down at this fish as it desperately arched its back. He watched as it mouth deliberately opened and closed as it sought to breath. He read a conscious terror in those circular eyes. He watched as the fish died. Suddenly, he decided he did not like fishing after all.

He was in bedroom in his quarters. It was the first night the woman had agreed to sleep with him. Functionary understood that this women was to become a long standing partner hereafter, if he could not think why he knew apparent future as fact. The woman was very attractive and had a wonderful figure, even when she was fully clothed. She came towards he him and embraced him, kissing him firmly. She smelt wonderful. Then she stepped back and started to disrobe, revealing her ample breasts. Functionary felt his penis stiffen.

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