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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_18

Functionary opened his eyes to a collage of colourful blurs of indeterminate shapes. Accompanying this imagery were various indistinct sounds.

At that moment his entire mental world was fuzzy and lacking in any capacity to generate meaning in what he perceived. It was perhaps as though someone have been brought rapidly from the depths of sleep. But if it were like such an experience, the current predicament experienced by Functionary  was many multiples more debilitating. It was not just that Functionary could not make sense of the external world, it was also that he appeared to lack any internal means to understand his situation. As such, his difficulty in understanding his environment caused him no concern, since he had no internal faculty to appreciate his deficiency. It was, perhaps, as though he were a new born baby who had to develop in parallel, his capacity to meaningfully perceive of the world around of him in terms of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste and, his understanding of the significance of these stimuli. As such, concepts such as colour, sound, shape and blur were entirely meaningless. Functionary could as well have been a single cell organism floating in a petri jar.

The images faded to black. The sounds receded. Functionary slept.

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