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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_19

Sometime latter Functionary became aware of sounds and opened his eyes. Again the sounds were indistinct. Opening his eyes, once more Functionary could see the indefinite, ill-focused shapes he had seen on some previous occasion. But since the last unsatisfactory awakening of Functionary, something had happened within his head. This time Functionary was troubled with his inability to make sense of what he saw and heard, if it remained somewhat the case that his mental processes were slow and woolly.

Nevertheless, brain of Functionary became increasing perturbed by his perceptual deficiency. At first, this perturbation merely drove the mind of Functionary upwards to higher levels of panic and concern about the perceptual obscurity in which it appeared to be ineluctably trapped. But, this trauma had some ultimate function. It pushed the mind of Functionary ever upwards through the seas of coma towards the atmosphere of consciousness and the universe of conclusions and questions.

He was still alive! When was this? Where was this?

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