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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_20

A sudden terror gripped Functionary. Was he still dying? It suddenly gripped his thinking that what he was now experiencing was merely another stage in the mind closing down. Was this an after life? But the growing reasoning powers of his brain, somehow told Functionary that none of this was the case and that he had survived, that he had been rescued and that he was safe; however damaged and permanently disabled he might be.

A mixture of fear and frustration over his perceptual ineptitude then forced forward his efforts to make sense of his world and to burst the thick plastic bubble which seemed to cushion him densely from the events outside of his head. It was as though he had forced his was up to close to the surface of some viscous, translucent sea, only to find there was some impenetrable boundary between him and the atmosphere he needed to reach. He opened and closed his eyes. He screwed up his eyelids in an effort to remove the debris of sleep. He shook his head back and forth violently. At first, all this activity brought was pain and, especially, a stunning headache. As a result, he lay still for a moment trying to recover.

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