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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_22

Functionary licked his dry lips in preparation for speaking, but the doctor raised his hand. While the ball-headed nurse gently caressed the arm of Functionary, the doctor quietly stated: “There will be lots of time for questions and answers latter. For the time being, you need to rest. Sleep. It is important that you sleep.”

Then, as though the words of the doctor had a immediate soporific quality, Functionary, fell once more asleep.

Later, Functionary awoke once more. This time, Functionary came rapidly to full consciousness and he could quickly remember where he was and make sense of his surroundings. Or at least, he could do these things in so far as his knowledge and understanding of his predicament would permit him to do so. He rose up, propping himself upon his elbows and looked around inquisitively. The room was fairly dimly lit and most of the lighting which did exist came from a few specific sources which seemed to be dedicated to lighting a few distant work surfaces. He could make out the near-silhouettes of two beings whom his surmised to be nurses. They stood quietly chatting with their backs to him and were busying themselves bent over a table. But as Functionary flexed his sore and aching limbs, he drew attention to himself and the nurses turned to look at him. One of them, who Functionary recognised at the ball headed nurse of his previous awakening walked to a communicator upon the wall, raised her hand to touch it and then spoke softly and indistinctly, perhaps thought Functionary, to the doctor of his previous awakening. The points of Functionary’s elbows now smarted from the bodily weight they had carried. Functionary slumped back, flat upon the plinth and waited for something to happen.

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