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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_23

To his surprise, without warning or announcement, the plinth hinged so that the top third which supported his back, moved upwards to a forty-five degree angle. Functionary could now sit-up in relative comfort. At the same time, the strength of the lighting increased. Having adjusted his position so that he was as comfortable as he could be, Functionary could look around the room once more. Having scanned the majority of the relatively featureless room, he came face to face with the being he had surmised fulfilled the function of a doctor. Clearly he had just been summoned. He was once again doing his best to smile benignly.

“I am glad to see you are awake and that you look no worse for your ordeal. All the tests suggest that you are in fall working order and that you will soon be a fall productive member of society once more. I appreciate you will suffer considerable aches and pains as a result of the ordeal you went through and your considerable period of plinth rest. Clearly you must become active as quickly as possible and I have scheduled you a full programme of psychotherapy which will last for several weeks. But hopefully, within a standard month you will be fit to be released from the medical wing and to return to full productivity.” With this, the doctor gestured to the ball-headed nurse who now stood beside him: “The nurse here will supervise your treatments over the coming weeks. She will answer the many questions you will undoubted have. She will also arrange your release from the hospital and absorption into prodiety.”

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