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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_24

“Where am I?” spluttered Functionary, suddenly realising how dry and sticky his mouth and throat were. The doctor looked slightly irritated at this question, as though he thought he had made it clear that it was not for him to answer such questions. But clearly feeling that he had no choice but to provide some answers, he explained slowly and a with slightly raised voice as though he believe he was talking to someone of limited intelligence: “You are on what we call the ‘The Hospital Ship’.” We travel through space picking-up lost soles who need our help. If their problem is physical, we offer them medical care. If they are in mental distress, we offer them psychological care. Whatever their problem, we make them better and return them to prodiety as integrated, productive, useful beings. Anyone we can help, we do help. We treat everyone equally and once we have made them right, they become free, equal and active members of the large prodiety which populates this vessel. Now rest assured, you are in good hands. We mean you only well. No harm will come to you on this vessel.” Then gesturing at the nurses: “These nurses will ensure that you are comfortable and that your recuperation takes place speedily.” Indicating the ball headed nurse, in particular, the doctor stated that she would be in charge of his care and would be able to answer any questions he had. “But, for now, you must rest. Sleep.”

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