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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_26

FFunctionary awoke once more to see the two nurses working with their backs to him. Becoming aware of his awaking, the ball headed nurse walked up to his plinth and smiled. It was a false smile, but a smile nonetheless. Touching the side of the plinth, once again a third of it rose to support of his back. The nurse told him her name but in its unpronounceable nature, Functionary found it difficult to remember it for any longer than the sounds were pronounced.  Looking at him she asked him how he felt. Upon gaining the answer that he felt very well, she suggested that he should eat some solids. Functionary was minded to start a conversation about the ship, but before he could do so, the ball headed nurse had turned on her heals and disappeared with the evident plan of getting him some sustenance.

Quickly, the nurse returned with a flat tray upon which lay several small, strangely shaped objects, each of a primary colour. In so far as these objects reminded Functionary of anything, it was of boiled sweets. She lay this tray on the lap of Functionary: “Eat! It is not much, but you need to start eating. But, do eat slowly as you have not eaten for a very long time and your body will need to adjust to the alimentary process of converting solids into energy. After you have finished, I suggest you take several hours rest. In three hours I have you booked in for your first physiotherapy session. With that, she abruptly left leaving Functionary alone in the room. Functionary stared down at the tray. The so-called solid food was actually a selection of strange jelly-like substances which wobbled as he shifted on the plinth. Throwing cautioned to the wind, he put one of the substances in his mouth. It was like a dense but flavourless jelly, unsatisfying but not repulsive. He spent some time diligently and purposeful chewing with  a meticulous slowness, the four equally tasteless and textureless shapes, one after the other. When He had finished eating, he fitfully drowsed for several hours.

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