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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_27

Physiotherapy involved Functionary being moved by a self steering wheel chair to another room where his body was manipulated and massaged by a strange multi-armed being who was highly effective at his function but thoroughly uncommunicative despite the endless efforts of Functionary to begin a conversation. Back in his room, Functionary was allowed to sit in his wheelchair. For a long while no one came into the room. But finally it was meal time and the ball headed nurse entered with another tray of primary coloured tasteless jelly. This time, Functionary was insistent that he engendered some conversation: “Sorry? What is your name?”

The nurse gave an answer but Functionary again could not make out the pronunciation. “Sorry, I did not get that, could you repeat it, please?”

The name came again, but Functionary still found the answer an improbable collection of consonants. It appeared to start with a ‘ju’ sound and Functionary decided that he was going to call the nurse Judith, not only because it seem to approximate very crudely to her real name but because, for some reason, Functionary felt it suitably labelled the  lady in front of him.

“Can you tell me something about this ship? How did I come to be picked up?”.

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