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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_28

Judith looked somewhat flummoxed. Somewhat disconcertingly, Functionary watched at she scratched her cushioned head, her digits pushing a good inch into  the deep blue flesh. It was as though the exterior of her head was padded in a lavish layer or fairly dense foam-plastic. Evidently, if there where a skull within her head, it was some distance beneath the surface. She blew out her cheeks in a gesture of being at lost, which made her look ever more like a puffer fish: “Well, I really do not know. Obviously, they do not tell me much about the day to day operations of the ship. However, I did hear in the medical canteen that we moving through an area of space where there had been a catastrophic battle where both sides had clearly suffered massive losses. There was some talk that a life form had been recovered and resuscitated. Then, when I returned to my work station, I found that you had been allocated to my care roster. So I am guessing that you must have been that life form.”

“Ok? Tell me about this ship? What is its purpose?”

“Well, we are a large mobile space station. We move through the universe seeking new resources both in terms of physical resources and in terms of more beings, so that we can continue to produce and work. As I think the doctor intimated, we are free society and a democracy. In the particular case of this ship, we are a hospital ship and we all look after the welfare of each other and others from other ships who are in distress. If some one is unwell or needs help for some other reason, the rest of prodiety helps out.”

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