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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_31

“And what’s going to happen to me?”

Judith looked a little bewildered at this question. Evidently, she did not have a prepared answer on this issue. “I am guessing that they will have a good job for you. I sense, that you have had considerable leadership experience and I am quiet sure that they will want to make the best use of your skills and experience. I would not worry, I am quite sure their will find a interesting job with appropriate rewards.”

With this response, Judith stepped close to Functionary and started applying various sensors to parts of his exposed anatomy. Functionary pretended not to notice, but on several occasions Judith appeared to purposefully press her voluptuous anatomy into his side and face.

When Judith had finally finished taking and recording measurements of Functionary’s health, she looked down at him and smiled: “Yes, you are doing very well! You will not need to stay in the medical centre for much longer. Soon you will be become a productive part of the ship. Yes, work, that is what you need.”

Seeing that Judith was about to swing round and leave his presence, with caution, Functionary queried: “Presumably, if I wanted to returned to my own people, I would be allowed to do so? My Service could be contacted and informed of my whereabouts and a rendezvous could be arranged? I mean, even if some payment had to be rendered for the considerable medical treatment which has been provided?”

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