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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_32

Judith stood stock still and looked somewhere into the middle distance. Functionary could see the metaphorical cogs of her brains spinning to no effect: “I don’t know. I never heard of anything like that happening. I suppose it might happen. I would have to ask.”

“Now! That’s enough questions for now. Sit quite and have some rest,” she said sharply, evidently trying to re-assert control over the situation.

Functionary did as he was told and let the ball-headed nurse go about her business. He sat still and rested physically. But mentally, his mind chewed over the limited amount of information he had managed to garner about his rescuers. What did he think now about this “hospital ship”? He was a little concerned about the lack of certainty on the part of Judith about his ability to leave. But he thought, unless he was being greatly misled, the hospital ship seemed a free and democratic society where everyone was free to do and to say as they chose. Then, there was the care and attention which was paid to the welfare of everyone. These beings seems so kindly and so concerned for everyone rights. Jokingly, he mused that he might even like to remain amongst these people rather that return to his own Service which could hardly be seen to attain such standards. But truth be told, he longed for his own type and his own society. If he could dwell amongst these people easily for a period, eventually he wanted to know that he could return home. Uncertainty was something that Functionary hated. He detested the slight doubt that he might be imprisoned here upon this ship. But rousing himself from these concerns he inwardly shook off such concerns and told himself that such governance as he  experienced upon this ship would not be responsible fro detaining him against his will.

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