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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_33

At some time, Functionary must have fallen asleep in his wheelchair. He awoke to a profound stiffness and pain from the awkward manner in which he had slept. He righted himself and for a moment watched the not unappealing shape of nurse Judith. He watched as she glided back and forth up and down the work surface opposite, unaware that she was being watched. As such, Functionary could ogle Judith’s slight well-proportioned egg timer shape without any concern about social opprobrium. But suddenly, with a jolt, Functionary become aware that someone was staring down at him. Functionary tried to fain that he was still trying to wake but he knew it was folly.

Sitting upright, Functionary looked upwards to see that it was the Doctor who stood there looking earnestly at him unnoticed while he in turn did the same to the industrial strength hour glass shape of nurse Judith. Functionary tried to smile as though he did not feel caught out and embarrassed. The Doctor smiled back a smile which seemed to say: “I know what you were doing.”

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