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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_34

“Apparently you have been asking Judith about what will happen to you after you get better and are fit to leave the medical centre?”

“Er yes, I was just trying to ascertain when my service could be signalled so that they could retrieve me. I am sure that they would compensate the Hospital Ship for the care and attention it has paid me.”
The Doctor smiled  again. But now his smile had become a smile of slight embarrassment. “I afraid no one ever leaves the Hospital Ship. You are free to remain hear and free while you are here, but you can never leave.”

"What? There is no prospect of my ever leaving this ship?"

"None whatsoever."

The mouth of Functionary opened but he said nothing. The doctor smiled once more: "You will find this ship is a most amenable place to live and to work. I am sure you will integrate within prodiety. You will find fulfilment in production." Then casing his eyes towards the indistinct shape of Judith working at one of the distant work surfaces: "You will make friends and form relationships. You will make a new life for yourself."

Functionary remained speechless and the doctor used this silence as an opportunity to turn and leave. However, as the doctor reached the door, Functionary shouted, "is there anyone else I can talk to about this?"

The doctor spun around and partially returned to where Functionary say: "No! Not really. I have confirmed this with a senior official, if I already knew of the policy of the Hospital Ship. Look! This is a pleasant place to exist and live out your years. Integrate! Be productive! Propagate!"

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