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Chapter 2 - Rescued - Page_35

Functionary spent several more weeks in the medical centre, before he was ready for release into the general population. Initially, he responded to the news of his imprisonment upon this vessel with an admixture of depression and spite to those around him. Those who were responsible for caring for him seemed to understand that this would be the case. But, as the weeks passed, Functionary came to slowly accept his condition, if never to such as extent that he believed or accepted he would remain on the ship in the long term. As soon as he ceased to be under constant medical care and had some freedom of movement, he told himself he would campaign for his transfer back to his own people. If, those responsible for the governance of this ship, really would not respond to his wishes, then he resolved, he would need escape by some means. Surely, he thought, at some point this ship would have to dock and at that point his chance would come.

But for now, he felt he had to be grateful to the people he met. They had saved his life. Then again, whatever his long term concerns, in the short term, he found himself living in reasonably pleasant conditions amongst people who seemed to be kind and friendly. Thus, he resolved to make the best of his situation, at least for the moment. Then there was Judith with whom his relationship started to blossom. Having accepted that Judith was not a useful source if intelligence or analysis about the hospital ship, Functionary did find her a useful source of gossip about the everyday lives of the beings who lived upon the ship. Having understood the limitations of Judith as a well integrated, productive member of the Hospital Ship, Functionary found Judith enjoyable company. What was more, the growing attachment of Functionary to Judith appeared to be reciprocated to the extent that, towards the end of his stay in the medical centre, the lightly cushioned face of Judith was often pushed into the angular nose of Functionary, as the twosome engaged in increasingly passionate kisses.

Towards, the very end of his treatment, Judith questioned whether Functionary should not come and use the spare sleeping room in her quarters. While grammatically, she had asked Functionary as to whether this would be a suitable arrangement, she was really making a statement as what would happen when Functionary left the medical centre. Perhaps, this was just Judith being assertive in achieving her wishes, but Functionary could not remove from his mind, the suspicion that the ship authorities also had had a hand in this arrangement. His living with Judith was a way of integrating him into "prodiety", of keeping him happy and, more sinisterly, keeping an eye him. But who cared, Functionary was going to make his existence as comfortable as possible. In the long term, Functionary had his plans to extract himself from the ship either with co-operation of the ship authorities or not. But, in the short term, there was always the promise of sex..

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