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Chapter 3 - Released from Hospital - Page_36

Another week and Functionary had been released from the medical centre, if as he now knew, he had no choice but to stay upon the hospital ship. Officially, he was described as having been given rooms with Judith. In practice, Judith apartment comprised one bedroom, a bathroom and a relatively large general purpose living area. Clearly, the was no separate space for Functionary and it was clearly, if implicitly, understood that Functionary would be sleeping with Judith.

Judith had arranged her roster so that she would be free on the day Functionary was released from the sick bay. Proudly, like a clucking mother hen, she lead Functionary along several corridors to her living space, conveniently located not far from the medical centre. She showed him around her limited suite of rooms as though they were something of an acquisition, which Functionary was latter to appreciate had actually some basis in fact.

Lovingly, Judith poured Functionary a drink of a striking turquoise colour from one of a number of glass decanters positioned prominently on a small side table. Only belatedly did Functionary appreciate that the drink was a powerful intoxicant. Partly led, his arms pulled by the hands of Judith and then partly pushed by the same urgent hands, Functionary found himself in the single bedroom, before collapsing backwards onto the soft, well sprung bed. Then, Judith made ample use of her new acquisition of pleasure. Functionary certainly enjoyed the next hour if, afterwards, he would have found it difficult to report on  what had happened.

Functionary, then spent several hours lying upon the bed looking upwards at the low ceiling, while the confounding impact of the intoxicating, green-blue liquor very gradually wore off.

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