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Chapter 3 - Released from Hospital - Page_37

After several hours, the mind of Functionary began to clear. He raised himself upon his elbows and looked about. He could not see Judith but after a moment he made-out the noises of food and beverages being prepared in the living area. No more intoxicants, he hoped.  He drew himself up further and pulled himself backwards so that his back rested against the padded wall of the bedroom. Looking down, him became aware that he was naked and exposed and he used the one sheet to cover his lower half. As he did this, he became aware that Judith was standing at the open doorway to the bedroom. She smiled. She was wearing a loose fitting gown which was precariously held together at the front by a sash. Judith was carry a tray with food and drinks. Quickly she moved forwards into the room and deposited the tray upon a shelf next to the bed. Glancing sidewards, she looked mischievously at Functionary. Evidently the food would have to wait. Reaching down and untying the sash, she removed the final precarious impediment to the two sides of her gown coming apart. Her ample figure was now exposed. Bending down, as though to further emphasis the fulsome nature of her figure, she grasped the sheet and whipped it aside. Smirking is apparent self-contentedness, she climbed across him so that she sat astride him: “Sorry about the drug, but I thought it would ease the embarrassment  of getting to know one another.”

But before Functionary could respond, Judith had leant forward and kissed him repeatedly and prolongedly. Judith proceeded to make further use of  her latest acquisition.

Latter, when Judith was satiated or she wisely sensed that Functionary unable to offer anymore, she cuddled up besides him and slept, her padded head somewhat suctioned upon his chest. Later, they finally shared the food and drink upon the tray, before Judith insisted upon one more final sexual episode for the day. Then she told Functionary that they were going visiting.

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