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Chapter 3 - Released from Hospital - Page_38

Having quickly washed and dressed they left the apartment for the confusion of corridors that was the hospital ship. Having travelled through an apparently endless maze of corridors, they were admitted to another apartment peopled by a couple who appeared interested to meet Functionary, this strange man whose skin was not blue. Looking around, Functionary observed a living space indistinct from that in which he now dwelt with Judith. After a quick drink and a brief inquisition of Functionary, the newly made foursome entered the corridors of the ship once again. Functionary was dragged round endless confusing corridors which his companions appeared to be able to easily differentiate and navigate. Finally, the foursome emerged from the relatively austere and low-ceilinged corridors into a massive vaulted hall, which reminded Functionary of an ancient cathedral he had once seen. Standing at the top a staircase, which lead from a series of corridors down to the sunken floor of the hall, Functionary had an unimpeded view of the massive space before him. What appeared to be thousands of beings milled about looking at shops, bars and eating establishments.

Functionary stopped transfixed, staring upwards at the distance ceiling and then along at the vast space into which he was entering and then left and right at the assemblage gathered there: the variety of beings, the diversity and brilliance of the colour of the individuals and their dress, the noise, the motion, the emotion and the commotion. Functionary was enthralled. He stayed and could have watched for a long while, without boredom punctuating his attention. But Judith was shouting his name, roughly tugging at his arm and urgently directing him forwards towards a bar where he could see more individuals gathered to pay him attention and ask him relentless questions. .

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