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Chapter 3 - Released from Hospital - Page_40

The next day Functionary was to report to an official who was to assess him for employment. As Functionary entered to the office, the male being perused a screenful of information that Functionary assumed was about him. Without humour or social pleasantries, the being fired various questions at Functionary about his past life and the jobs he had done. Functionary had resolved that he was going to ask again about being returned to the System and the Service from whence he had come. The man had obviously been prepared for the likelihood of this request for, before Functionary had even finished, the man had barked a staccato answer that it was completely impossible, without the need for any thinking time for reflection or to construct his answer. Neither did there appear to be an empathy for the condition in which Functionary found himself. Obviously, he should get over it and make the best of the situation in which he found himself. Continuing in the same vein of insensitivity, the being explained that given that he had just come amongst the people, he could not be trusted within his former area of employment in security and policing. With this statement, the brow of the being in front of functionary had actual creased substantially as thought he had been given an insuperable problem. With a degree of sarcastic flippancy, Functionary retorted that maybe employment could wait and that he could, perhaps, remain on rest and recuperation while his plea to return to his own people was re-examined. But in a matter of fact manner, the being merely stated that this was unacceptable and that Functionary needed to be put to work, to be made productive, for the common good, that was for the good of prodiety. Laziness and indolence was not acceptable. Then, the slightest of smiles crept over the lower face of the being: “That post has been hard to fill! You can be chief scribe in the mortuary. You should have the skills for that. And with your background, you must have had some experience of death.

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