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Chapter 3 - Released from Hospital - Page_42

But, for the time being there was the wonder of the ship with its shops. There was the eating and drinking. There was the wonder of staring out at the universe from the Starlight Cafe during evenings off. There was the lengthy process of getting to know and understand the indigenous population resplendent in their different shades of blues skin and brightly coloured clothing procured after much window shopping from the outlets of the atrium. Then again, there was the deeply satisfying sex with Judith. A man, functionary thought, could loose himself in this life, as though to float upon a dense warm sea, lapped by gentle waves and kissed by the pleasant rays of a forgiving star. One could endlessly float away from any fixed point of reference so that all once could do is drift further, accepting an ineluctable, pleasant and painless, physical and mental decline.

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