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Chapter 3 - Released from Hospital - Page_44

But quietly, Functionary did disagree with the understanding possessed by the inhabitants of the hospital ship of their own situation.  Rather than a system which removed dependency and weakness, Functionary saw a system which encouraged these very conditions. The system was not so much a net beneath the high wire artist, preventing him from falling and seriously hurting himself in his risk taking. Instead, Functionary saw the safety net more like the net used in the fighting in the roman coliseum. It was a net to encumber, to pin-down and to prevent freedom of action and personal outcome.

Everywhere Functionary looked, he believed he saw mechanisms of constraint and dependency. Meticulously, the system seems to prevent self-reliance and independence. Individuals were effectively prevented for saving their money by a tax system which remove any excess that people might otherwise have generated and saved and by a consumer culture which encouraged individuals to spend all their money.  In any case, why save for the eventualities of fate, when the system would look after you. You might as well use that little money that came your way. At the same time, no one owned anything of significance. All effectively rented their living accommodation. Most were in a state of perpetual borrowing where, in theory they were paying of loans for items of consumption but where they were really merely taking on loans to service previous loans. No one was permitted to inherit. Thus all had to work to pay their regular monthly bills and to feed the addiction of consumerism. It was a system engineered to prevent anyone achieving any true freedom.

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