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Chapter 3 - Released from Hospital - Page_45

For Functionary, this regimen was becoming increasingly frustrating.  Each day he would rise from his slumber with an increasing dread for the day ahead. He found his work hard and stressful, yet after a brief period of learning, he had come to find his work intellectually easy, then increasingly boring and increasingly tedious. There was no challenge to his work, just lots of it.  And Functionary could not accept much of what he did was necessary. Much of his work involve form-filling and meetings which were not truly be necessary. Certainly, there was a kernel of necessity and importance in his job deal with the dead, but in eyes of Functionary, the work could have been done with much greater economy. Looking further afield at the work of everyone on the ship, it struck Functionary that the work of most individuals on the Hospital Ship could be seen in a similar light.  The employment of most people could be seen as having some necessity, yet most of what filled the work time of occupants of the Hospital Ship was a social rigmarole of no significant purpose. Further, it frustrated Functionary that those around him did not seem to perceive life in the ship, the way he did. Given his perceptual isolation, he chose to keep quiet for now and struggle on. He had no choice.

 But still, there was the sex. There was a life with Judith which, at this point, remained engaging and distracting. In the evening, they would climb to the top of the ship and saunter along its backbone to the Starlight Bar where they would sit and chat while drinking mild intoxicants, looking out at the passing stars amongst the infinite, engulfing blackness of the universe. All of this was reason enough to play the game, to keep quiet and leave any concerns unexpressed.

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