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Chapter 3 - Released from Hospital - Page_46

On days off Judith and Functionary would go to the atrium as though pursuing some regular act of religious adherence. Slowly, they would meander from entrance to exit,  window shopping and occasionally making the purchase of a little trinket for the apartment or of some perceive necessity. Functionary noted that the trinkets soon fell out of favour and needed replaced. Similarly, the essential pair of shoes that Judith had bought had been quickly broken either through weakness of design or in order to provide an excuse for their replacement.  Functionary despairingly reflected that; alongside downing fluids at the Starlight Bar; drinking intoxicating nightcaps as the evening wore-on during nights at home and; occasional social gatherings; the purchases in the atrium were the regular, all-too-fleeting hits of pleasure which tided one over precariously to the next pointless purchase. Just as the brightly colour liquid intoxicants, consumption was a drug of brief pleasure which kept everyone come back for more and working in the meantime. .

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