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Chapter 3 - Released from Hospital - Page_47

Every day Functionary lifted his back from his bed as though it weighed a ton. Endless work, might of which he conceived of a pointless. He racked his brains but his situation seemed ineluctable. The technology of the race of peoples amongst which he had fall amongst was impressive. Wondering around the ship, increasing accepted as part of population and with the let or hindrance of suspicion, Functionary was in awe of the technological process of this people. Yet for all their technology and science, this society kept itself business and restricted its freedom to be free and individual expressive. Apparently, no matter how much technology had the capacity to ease burdens and promised more freedoms of time and choice of action, ultimately, sentient beings would always discover more toil from themselves.

The the ageing mother of one of the close friends of Judith died after several months  in the Sick Bay. For once, supporting Judith, Functionary found himself attending the funeral ceremony of a former member of the population of the ship, as a friend of a deceased. By this time, Functionary had frequently attended such ceremonies in his official capacity, but for once, he stood amongst the mourners without the benefits of separation brought by official function. One of The deputies of Functionary stood in and managed the ceremony. Several of the mourners walked to the front and softly of the virtues of the deceased female. Several pieces of music were ineptly chanted by the crowd and a piece of music, which had been a favourite of the deceased, was placed over some tinny speakers. Then, after a brief formal statement by the presiding official, a button was pushed and the sargophogous containing the remains was shot-off into the blankness of space. After the brief mumbling of platitudes, those present departed for the atrium to gawp at the windows and to shop.

Temporarily separated from Judith, Functionary gazed out at space, through the huge windows which formed most of the external of the Chapel of Part. More that ever,  Functionary felt a complete lack of comprehension of the society amongst which he found himself. To Functionary, a society characterised by perpetual and largely pointless work of limited worth to the individual or the common good. Functionary gulped in the atmosphere of the ship and let out a huge sigh as he sought to understand and any point to his existence. Something, he concluded, was going to have to change and change soon..

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