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Chapter 1 - The Battle - Page_7

So much for the big picture. As an older and slightly damaged vessel, now with comparatively limited armament and speed, The Protector was not to be involved in the front line of the conflict. Behind the front line, it would act as a last line of resistance should any units of Voracious manage to penetrate beyond the main lines of defence. More specifically, the ship was to offer protection to the range of military support ships which loitered just behind the area of on-going hostilities, the hospital ships, the supply vessels and, the space tugs and mobile space docks, all of which were ever present in a war zone to repair or scavenge the ships damaged, immobilised or completely annihilated or else wise to deal with the accompanying biological wreckage.  But, more darkly, the Protector, was the linger just behind the Service front line, ready to join-in an attack on an Service vessel whose crew lost courage and sought to flee the battle. Like some age-old battle scene where riflemen were posted behind the frontline to shoot and kill anyone who bottled the cause, so the Protector was part of a system meant to ensure that all fighting ships remained dedicated to the fight, if needs be, to the bitter end.

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