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Chapter 1 - The Battle - Page_9

The battle began while The Protector was several days away. The positions of the enemy fleet and the lead Service vessels were plotted upon the main viewing screen on the Bridge. When not busy with other duties, the more senior members of the crew would listen to the secure ship-to-ship communications to ascertain what was happening in the battle. Every now and then, the plots upon the bridge refreshed itself with the position of many of the dots changing and, more significantly, disappearing. If the missing dots had been red, this suggested the destruction of a voracious vessel. This was a cause for cheer. Ominously, however, the relatively number of green dots diminished, suggesting that the battle was not going well for Service and the System it sought to defend. Occasionally, there were formal briefings, if these seemed to be foreshortened if not completely prevented by the immediate pressures of the battle. The conflict was now messy, with pockets of fighting occurring across a massive expanse of space as the Service fleet managed to intercept parts of the Voracious fleet as it penetrated into System space. Some huge explosions became clearly visible with the naked eye, even across the distance that isolated The Protector for the on-going terror. Momentarily, massive balls of fire blossomed outwards in space. Then the there was darkness and the airwaves from that part of space went silent.

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