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Moon"Imagine a world where those in charge are in total control or think that they are in total control. What are the consequences? On the space station 2_Kontrol, one person is about to find out.

2_Kontrol is a science fiction story set in the distant future far-off in space which explores the implications of the surveillance technologies of the here and now. "

The Story

This story follows Functionary on his second assignment as he comes to the space station of 2_Kontrol. Those in charge of the space station of 2_Kontrol seek the absolute control of the station's population and believe that they have achieved this aim. The story explores the implications of such high levels of social control or, at least, the belief on the part of those who govern that they possess such power.

The Main Character

The story sees the return of Functionary, introducted in "The Space Station"

Functionary, is a member of an elite bureaucracy which governs much of the charted universe.

Once again Function finds himself Chief of Security.

But, this time, he finds himself sent to a station floating in space where life appears under the completelcontrolled by those in charge.


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