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The Mists of BS3

MoonConsider a world where the appearance of things is what matters. Imagine a planet where people will dissemble and support eachother in the maintenance of their understanding of their world, no matter false their perspectve might be.

The Story

This story, once again, follows Functionary on his third assignment as he comes to the planet of BS3. He tries to investigate the murder of a senior official of his Service only to come up against a people who are not concerned with the truth of what happened. The appearance of achievement and of efficiency is all that counts for the population of BS3 no matter the underlying reality. Functionary must struggle with the unhelpful people he meets and the thick planetary mists which seem to close in around everthing on the planet to obscure all. He must face their antagonism as he picks at their strange understanding of their world.


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The Mists of BS3
The Mists of BS3
By John Nimerc
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