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The Space Station

MoonImagine a world far away overtaken by an overwhelming fear of attack from others. Into this world comes a misfit official who must struggle to balance the demand for security with his personal doubts about the implications of endemic insecurity for those living upon this world

When he is pitched into a battle against those perpetrating attacks against this world, how should he and those around him respond? What do you surrender for security? Everything? Nothing? Where do you draw the line?

The Story

Ordered to a distant planet, the main character finds himself charged with its security. Increasingly, and against his best instincts, he finds that he has to implement measures against those who are perpetrating attacks upon the planetary population and economy. He wonders about the efficacy of these measures, what truly motivates their introduction and has doubts about who is most affected by their introduction. Yet the planet, its governors and people appear to be caught in a spiral of fear and a response to this fear that merely contributes to a greater insecurity.

Then, taking the fight to those who are attacking society and economy, he pursues them across the planet to confront them far away from support on the planet’s hostile surface. In the midst of this pursuit, he again needs to deal with his concerns about the manner in which his side are dealing with the aggressors. What is fear doing to those around him? Again what balance needs to be struck between security and other human values

The Main Character

The story introduces Functionary.

The main character, Functionary, is a member of an elite bureaucracy which governs much of the charted universe.But he is a misfit, a square peg in a round hole. Functionary finds him sent to a new post on a remote planet. He finds, to his surprise, that he has been placed in charge of security in his new posting, a function for which he is profoundly ill-suited. This appointment effectively places him on a new vocational path to be expanded upon in future stories.


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