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The Hospital Ship

This is something I am working on.

I am publishing draft pages for this story I write them and they can be found here. I will annouce significant updates on the blog.

The Mists of BS3

Published: December 2009/January 2010

A murder mystery set in a strange world where truth and openness are much less important than the maintenance of the appearance of success and the protection of the veneer of achievement, whatever the cost. Follow Functionary as he tries to pierce the mists of BS3 to find the true culprit.

More on this story, including sample.


Publshed: July 2009.

Imagine a world where those in charge are in total control or think that they are in total control. What are the consequences? On the space station 2_Kontrol, one person is about to find out.

2_Kontrol is a science fiction story set in the distant future far-off in space which explores the implications of the surveillance technologies of the here and now.

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The Space Station

Book Cover Published December 2008

"Imagine a world far away overtaken by an overwhelming fear of attack from others. Into this world comes a misfit official who must struggle to balance the demand for security with his personal doubts about the implications of endemic insecurity for those living upon this world.

"When he is pitched into a battle against those perpetrating attacks against this world, how should he and those around him respond? What do you surrender for security? Everything? Nothing? Where do you draw the line?"

More on this story, including sample.